Rains to return for Coastal Tamil Nadu

Under the influence of the evolving Low Pressure In Bay Rains are likely to return back for Coastal Tamil Nadu after a couple of days break.  While things remain fluid due to the divergence among models on possible movement & intensity of the Low Pressure that now lies to the East of Sri Lanka rainfall probabilities surely will increase from today over Coastal Tamil Nadu.


The places along the coast between Pondicherry and Delta districts are likely to see isolated heavy spells today on account of the convergence of Low Level winds creating a conducive environment for thunderstorms to develop.  With some luck if the convergence zone moves up chances for Chennai also increases.  But one needs to keep in mind like the 2nd November incident the places along the coast will receive the heaviest spells of rains which will fade away as you move inland

As mentioned above things remain fluid as long as the circulation is broad and unable to compact itself which will allow it to intensify thereby  changing the dynamics.  Most models estimate this to remain a broad circulation for the next couple of days making it a very evolving situation.  As things stand we expect rains to return over Coastal Tamil Nadu for the next couple of days, further progress will depend on how things evolve.