Rains to Ease in Tamil Nadu

The last couple of days have seen the many coastal areas of Tamil Nadu record its first spell of rains for 2018.  Ironically this could end up as the last phase of Northeast Monsoon before possibly IMD confirms the withdrawal of monsoon conditions.  The daily rainfall chart which did not tick at all since the turn of 2018 finally set the ball rolling thanks to the good rains parts of Delta received on Tuesday.

If Tuesday saw the daily rainfall chart tick over yesterday saw the 2018 rainfall chart for Chennai start ticking with many parts of the city in particular the areas in South Chennai & southern suburbs get light to  moderate rains during the early part of the day. Chennai AP recorded 7 mm for the day while the city observatory at Nungambakkam recorded 2 mm.

While today could see light rains continue in the coastal areas along with parts of South Tamil Nadu the rains are expected to gradually ease though with possibly lesser chance for areas to the North of Puducherry latitude to get any meaningful rains from today.  Tomorrow could possibly see the last rains from this spell which could happen in South Tamil Nadu post which we can start to see winter conditions return  back to most parts of the state.