Quiet Start to Summer continues for Tamil Nadu

As we get closer to April most of Tamil Nadu will start discussing about Agni Natchathiram & Kathiri etc as the hottest season starts to stare in front of our faces with increase in temperatures seen nearly on a daily basis.  But to be fair Tamil Nadu along with rest of South India has been seeing a relatively quiet summer so far.

It would be a surprise if we say for the current year Salem is the only station among the IMD observatories to have crossed the “Public Favorite 100°F” Mark.  Looking at the temperature trends for the past year at this time of the year a few observatories have already recorded well in excess of 39° C by 20th March with Salem almost touching the 40°C during 2016 in what was a fairly early onset of summer.

If one were to look at the CFS temperature anomaly charts most of South India has seen below normal temperature for the month of March 2018 while Central & North India has been seeing above normal temperatures.  Persistent Easterlies under the influence of prevailing La Nina condition could be a reason why the temperatures have stayed lower than normal for most of South India.

With the Spring Equinox / Vernal Equinox happening yesterday we will now get to the time of the year when Sun starts to move into the Northern Hemisphere.  This will reflect in the temperatures increasing from now on though going by seasonal outlooks it appears summer for South India could continue to be relatively better off than most years.

The next couple of days though Central Tamil Nadu, particularly around Trichy, Karur region could see fairly hot day time conditions.