Northeast Monsoon 2017 Snippets – South TN

With just a week more for the official Northeast Monsoon 2017 to come to an end today we carry the 3rd part of our Snippets series featuring South Tamil Nadu IMD Observatories.  The earlier two posts in this series were on Chennai IMD ObservatoriesCoastal Delta Observatories. But a quick a update on the current weather synopsis before that.

Typhoon Tembin continues its westward movement and is likely to lose its intensity from now on as unfavorable factors like Wind Shear, Low Sea Surface Temperature & Land Interaction start taking a toll on its structure.  Models continue to indicate a possible regeneration for this disturbance over Eastern Bay of Bengal though we need to see how much it could make a difference.  In the meanwhile there is likely to be a feeble Low Pressure Area in the South Andaman Sea which as things stand may be limited in its impact to the Andaman Islands.

Now on to the NEM 2017 Snippets for the IMD Observatories in South TN.  The table pretty much highlights the erratic Northeast Monsoon over South TN this year.  Tondi, Pamban & Madurai AP are going to end with big deficits for the year with Tondi the worst affected recording only about 1/3rd of its normal rainfall for the season.  Though Tondi recorded more number of days of at least 1 mm rains than Kanyakumari overall it recorded nearly 1/3rd of what KK recorded.

In our earlier snippet post we had mentioned about how Adirampattinam ended up with a bad year, go a little further South as well the stretch from Ramanathapuram to Thanjavur got possibly a raw deal from Northeast Monsoon 2017.  The interior observatories to the West of this stretch like Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli AP & Madurai AP also ended up having a bad year.  Weak Easterlies and possibly the Sri Lankan landmass creating a rain shadow region could have played a role.

It is interesting to that this red zone is sandwiched by the two good zones South & North of it with Tirunelveli (Palayamkottai) ending up with nearly 50% excess rains.