Northeast Monsoon 2017 Snippets – Coastal Delta

In our Northeast Monsoon 2017 Snippets series today we cover the Coastal IMD Observatories between Pondicherry & Adirampattinam.  This stretch of Coastal places are without doubt the heavy weights in terms of rainfall during Northeast Monsoon.  Not only rainfall but the delta stretch is also more prone to impact from Tropical Disturbances on a regular basis during the Northeast Monsoon Season.

But the interesting thing is how between Adirampattinam & Nagappattinam, two places separated by less than 100 kms as crow flies, the rainfall pattern is drastically different highlighting the role the Sri Lankan landmass plays during Northeast Monsoon.  Not only Sri Lanka ensures places between Thootukudi & Vedaranyam are less prone to impact from tropical disturbances but end up getting much lesser rainfall than places like Nagappattinam & Karaikal.

Parangipettai has got nearly the annual rainfall of Chennai during this year’s Northeast Monsoon Season.  Not only it has got a good NEM overall rainfall for the year 2017 has already crossed 200 cms indicating a good year all around for this place.  It is interesting to see Nagappattinam despite seeing only 120 mm as its highest 24 hours rainfall during this year’s Northeast Monsoon has accumulated only about 100 mm lesser than Parangipettai.  29 out of roughly the 75 days between October 1st & Dec. 17th has seen at least 2.5 mm rains while 16 of those days have seen a minimum of 35.6 mm which indicates how consistent the rains were this year over Nagappattinam.

No wonder Nagappattinam possibly saw the highest number of school holidays this year.