Northeast Monsoon 2017 Snippets – Chennai

Northeast Monsoon continues to be in a suppressed phase over North Tamil Nadu with not much rainfall happening since the turn of December & nothing major expected for the next couple of days at least.  As the wind charts indicate coastal areas to the North of Delta districts continues to see more Northerly winds which are drier keeping the rainfall prospects lower.

For the next couple of days not much change is expected in the wind pattern.  Low level winds could change to more Easterlies bringing better moisture from Bay of Bengal from may be Monday / Tuesday associated with a weak Easterly Wave.  This could improve the rainfall prospects for North TN though how much Chennai could benefit out of it needs to be seen.

Today is the first day of the Tamil Month of “மார்கழி” incidentally the last month of “Dakshinayanam” the period when Sun makes its journey into the Southern Hemisphere. From January 14th it would start the journey back into the Northern Hemisphere, the period called “Uttarayanam”.  Sometimes one wonders did we unlearn a lot of thing in the name of technology. With the advent of Margazhi the rain chances starts to slowly fade away unless there is a clear synoptic support in the form of tropical disturbances.

Its a good time to look at some interesting snippets from the Northeast Monsoon 2017 for the two IMD observatories of Chennai.  If one discounts the rains received as of 8:30 AM of 1st December which started in the last hours of Nov. 2017 it has been a continuous dry spell for Chennai all of December. Nearly 60% of the seasonal rainfall fell between 26th Oct & 8th Nov. pretty much confirming the active phase of NEM as far as Chennai goes.