Late Northeast Monsoon Flourish needed for Central TN

With one week of December gone we are getting into the last fortnight of the Northeast Monsoon season.  As the old Tamil Saying goes “கார்த்திகைக்குப் பின் மழை இல்லை, கர்ணனுக்குப் பின் கொடை இல்லை”  we are getting into a stage where the rains start to wind down as the seasonal changes churn towards the Australian Monsoon in the Southern Hemisphere.  In this context it would be a good time to do a recap on how things have panned out so far this season in Tamil Nadu.

Before getting into the seasonal performance a quick update on how things are expected to be on the weather front today for Tamil Nadu.  A combination of clear skies and dry weather thanks to the Depression moving North close to Odisha most of Tamil Nadu is likely to see above normal day time temperatures across the state.  Yesterday saw both Chennai observatories record nearly 3 degree Celcius above normal temperature as both Meenambakkam & Nungambakkam crossed 31.5°C even though the night was the coolest in nearly 9 months.

Instead of looking at the seasonal status as a table this time around we thought we will look at it Spatially to give a different perspective.  It is very clear Delta districts, North Tamil Nadu has possibly seen the best of the monsoon along with Tirunelveli & Kanyakumari districts.  The two South TN districts which was lagging till the onset of Cyclone Ockhi turned around in a few days time with many places in these two districts still getting near daily rainfall.

The interior districts have certainly got a raw deal from Northeast Monsoon 2017 with except Salem almost all the districts seeing below normal or deficit monsoon.  Also the performance of districts like Thootukudi, Ramanathapuram, Madurai, Sivaganga possibly indicate the overall weak penetration of Easterlies as these districts more often than not end up being in the rain shadow of Sri Lanka especially when the winds are Southeasterlies