Northeast Monsoon Batters Chennai

Yesterday Northeast Monsoon was active over Coastal Tamil  Nadu battering places in and around Chennai with heavy intensity spells which started in the evening and continued well until midnight.  The heaviest spells of rains happened around 10:30 PM with many parts of the city, in particular places closer to the coast recording cloud burst type rains during this time.

A convergence of winds created conducive conditions for thunderstorms to thrive for hours together.  We had mentioned about this possibility in our yesterday’s post but little did we expect Chennai to be battered like this.  Slow moving thunderstorms stalling just off the coast meant the places close to the coast ended up getting dumped by huge rains.  Models were hinting about this stalling scenario and continue to foresee the same today also

The Low Pressure Area continues to persist off the Sri Lankan coast in the Southwest Bay and is expected to remain stationary in the same region for the next day or two while an incoming Low from South China Sea is expected to keep the dynamics fluid for the next few days.  Nevertheless the next 2 / 3 days is likely to see coastal Tamil Nadu to remain under spell of rains.

Today we are likely to see heavy rains around Pondicherry with Coastal districts between Delta & Chennai remaining under alert for heavy rainfall probabilities.  Similar to yesterday models indicate convergence of winds to persist today also though it could be slightly South of Chennai.  While early part of the day could see light rains later in the day heavier spells are expected pick up once again.