North Tamil Nadu Thunderstorms Show

Yesterday as estimated by models many parts of North Tamil Nadu saw thunderstorms late in the afternoon bringing some much needed rains and respite from the Heat.  Places like Kanchipuram recorded moderate rains after few months while places like Mailam in Villupuram district recorded nearly 2 cms of rains which will be a welcome boost for the farming community.

Looking at the Wind charts the East West Shear Zone at a height of 3 kms ASL is roughly at Chennai latitude providing perfect conditions for thunderstorms around the North Tamil Nadu, South AP & Interior Karnataka areas.  The lower level winds are pseudo Westerlies until possibly Vellore longitude providing a good opportunity for areas like Vellore, Tiruvannamalai, Krishnagiri & Parts of Kanchipuram & Vellore to become hot spot for afternoon thunderstorms.

With decent CAPE also being shown around this region we can expect a few places to see moderate to intense thunderstorms in the evening with gusty winds and high rain rates.

Till yesterday the winds at 3 kms ASL was mostly from the East around Chennai making the prospects of thunderstorms in the interiors to move towards the Coast nearly impossible.  But for the first time the wind pattern seem to favour Chennai, albeit temporarily for some time before permanent change,  to look forward to the tracking of thunderstorms in a hope Chennai could sneak in a spell or two.

We are still not confident in sticking our neck out for the city areas but have reasonable confidence for spell or two of rains for the Western Suburbs of Chennai.  Keeping Fingers Crossed