Monsoon set to notch up with developing Bay LPA

Southwest Monsoon is all set to notch another gear around the weekend with signs of an imminent Low Pressure in Bay of Bengal.  The cyclonic circulation currently prevailing around North Coastal Odisha region between 3.1 and 7.6 kms ASL is likely to intensify and descend into a Low Pressure Area over the next 24 – 48 hours or so improving Monsoon dynamics in the process.

In the meanwhile Chennai has been lucky with rains for the last three days.  If Monday & Tuesday saw light to moderate rains at many places yesterday saw fairly wide spread rains over Chennai & suburbs.  Hit by squally conditions with wind gusts reaching 30 – 40 km/h at many places the highlight was the drizzles which continued on and off right until early morning.

Not often we see thunderstorms hit Chennai during the times when Monsoon is active in the west coast.  But the last 3 days rains possibly indicates the strong moisture incursion that has been happening from Coast to Coast with remnant moisture interacting with day time convective developments as it moves West to East.  Additionally the arrival of sea breeze front late evening provides conducive conditions for thunderstorms to thrive as well.

With things looking up for the development of a low pressure in North bay we can possibly see a counter reaction from West Coast in the form of strengthening off shore trough which currently runs along Karnataka & Kerala Coast.  This will improve rainfall activity over West Coast from the weekend Central & Parts of North India will continue to see heavy rains in a few places as the Low Pressure develops and moves inland in the coming days.

As far as Chennai goes it looks unlikely we will see any strong thunderstorm activity today along the coast.  In the event the morning cloud cover clears & a possible sea breeze front develops later in the day we can see weak thunderstorm activity between Puducherry & Chennai.