Monsoon Conditions to prevail over Coastal Tamil Nadu

After a lull in monsoon dynamics yesterday saw the return of rains over many parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu.  While Chennai missed out most of the spells the areas between Mahabalipuram & Delta districts recorded the heaviest spells of rains as most of the IMD observatories recorded moderate to heavy rains in these areas.   In what could be a landmark Northeast Monsoon Nagappattinam added another 8 cms yesterday which takes the overall tally for the year to just 1 cm short of annual average.  Nearly 60% of this has been accumulated since October 27th when NEM made its onset.

Fortunately things are likely to be a little quiet in the early hours of the day for people to get a little respite from the overnight rains.  With the Low Pressure in Bay continuing to persist off the coast of Sri Lanka the monsoon dynamics will remain in enhanced  mode in particular over the coastal areas.  Strangely this phase of Rains is once again giving bulk of the rains along the narrow band of coastal areas while interior areas may  miss out.  This has been pretty much the pattern since the start of the monsoon with most of the rainfall activity happening along the coast.



Models indicate the low to move slightly to the Northwest during the early part of the day today which will bring more areas possibly under rainfall zone today late in the evening / night.  The coastal areas from South AP to Delta districts will be under the low level convergence zone today evening bringing these areas potentially under heavy rainfall probability areas.  A few places in this zone are in line to get heavy spells of rains later in the night as winds get ideally placed as indicated by Models.

If one were to hazard a guess areas between SHAR and Mahabalipuram are ideally placed for a spell or two of heavy midnight rains.