Low Pressure in Bay Maintains Monsoon Dynamics

The Low Pressure in Bay that has been prevailing in Southwest Bay region continues to persist in the same area as a broad circulation. After making it a near miss on Saturday yesterday saw many parts of Chennai receive moderate to heavy spells of rains in the late evening from thunderstorms that moved in from just off the coast of South Andhra Pradesh.  The small area between Sriharikota & Chennai recorded most of the rains while rest of the region went pretty much dry.

 The rains which started around 8:00 PM across the northern suburbs of the city slowly founds its way moving across giving some of the heaviest spells of rains around Nungambakkam, Kilpauk and in the other central areas of Chennai.  The southern parts of the city though had to live with more moderate showers while further down the suburbs had pretty much very light rains.

The Low Pressure in Bay is expected to become well marked in the next 48 hours and most models expect it to make a N/NW journey towards the coasts of Andhra Pradesh in the coming days.  As it moves towards the landmass the coastal areas of North Tamil Nadu & South Andhra will continue to remain favorable to receive spells of on and off rains with heavy spells at times.  The models are expecting fluid dynamics within the broad circulation thereby making individual areas become vulnerable at times for Heavy Rains depending on how the circulation evolves and possibly the location of individual vortexes within the broad circulation.

Today could be another day of possible spells of rains for Chennai with areas to the North of Chennai favorably placed once again for the heavier spells of rains.  The next 36 hours or so is likely to be the best period of rains for Chennai & surrounding areas  before the Low Pressure in Bay possibly climbs well north of Chennai latitude thereby providing more rains to Coastal Andhra Pradesh.