Low Pressure in Bay Continues to Hold Monsoon Key

The Near Stationary Low Pressure in Bay of Bengal persisting off Sri Lankan coast continues to hold the Monsoon Key triggering near continuous rains over Coastal Tamil Nadu.  In the past we have mentioned about how the performance of Northeast Monsoon & the presence of disturbances are intertwined.  This Low Pressure in Bay once again proves this relationship with the current spell of rains which is reaching its 6th continuous day after starting last Sunday.

Yesterday evening most parts of Chennai recorded moderate to heavy spells of rains after a completely dry day allowing the water to drain after the monster spell on Wednesday night.  Similarly delta districts continue to record light to moderate rains that has been pretty much ever present for the whole of yesterday.  This could be a blessing rather than the heavy spells of rains which could lead to water logging of agricultural fields.  With last evening’s rains both Chennai observatories have now got nearly 75% of the NEM quota.

The Low Pressure in Bay of Bengal continues to hop, skip & jump around Sri Lanka with today’s update showing it to the SE of Sri Lanka.  The good thing about all these shuffling is rain bands change its impact location every day rather than providing heavy rains continuously to the same area leading to flooding situations.  But interiors have been missing out so far though today could be a day of reckoning with some decent prospects in store for South TN & interior TN.

Unlike the last few days coastal areas today could see streamlined Easterlies thereby providing Monsoon Rains rather than the thunderstorms that have been seen during the last few days.  This could mean on and off spells of rains with pretty much cloudy weather and well below normal temperatures for most parts of the coast.  Models indicate parts of Coastal AP and South TN to be under the convergence zone today and could see isolated heavy rains due to thunderstorms triggered by the convergence effect.