Light Rain Possibility for South Tamil Nadu

After a long dry spell which is now almost 4 weeks with no major rainfall activity over all of Tamil Nadu we are likely to see rains resume this week albeit for a short duration of a couple of days.  As against normal rainfall of 19.1 mm the sub division of Tamil Nadu & Puducherry has recorded 6.4 mm so far with a shortfall of 64%.  The next spell may not wipe out the deficit completely though.

Consequent to the strengthening of Easterly winds the cold spell over Tamil Nadu has come to an end with many places seeing a slight increase in temperatures yesterday compared to the previous days.  Neither of the Chennai observatories failed to record sub 20°C temperatures for the first time in more than a week.  As cloudiness improves under the influence of the Easterlies the nights will tend to become warmer over most parts of the state.

While today possibly we might see some light isolated rains happen over one or two places of South Tamil Nadu these rains may not be heavy or widespread.  Better chance of rains exist from tomorrow with Wednesday / Thursday the best bets for rains in the state. As explained in our post a couple of days back the places along the Western Ghats are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries of this spell of rains.