Isolated Rain Possibilities in Interior Tamil Nadu

The depression that has been persisting off the coast of North AP / South Odisha has been moving in a Northward direction along the coast giving rains to many places in the East Coast of India.  IMD is expecting the current depression to weaken today into a “Well Marked Low” in the next 12 to 24 hours and subsequently fade away in its influence. 

In the meanwhile with the disturbance in North bay fading in its influence the low level winds over Southern Peninsula is expected to return back to normalcy shifting directions to Easterlies.  This shift is expected to happen around late night today with possibly the extreme southern parts of Tamil Nadu seeing the return of Easterlies earlier compared to the rest of the state.  This return of low level Easterlies could bring in the fresh batch of “Saaral Mazhai” with it.

With the changing wind pattern as the influence of the Depression fades away interior parts of Tamil Nadu is likely to see a spell or two of thunderstorms today & tomorrow due to wind induced instabilities.  Parts of Northwest Interior TN and a few places in West Interior Tamil Nadu around Erode / Salem / Coimbatore could see some late evening thunderstorms.  While these thunderstorms are no solace for the poor NEM so far, things could look up in the coming days going by how models are estimating the entry of MJO into Indian Ocean Basin around end Nov.

Warm day ahead for Chennai with isolated rain possibilities later in the night / early morning in a few areas as Easterlies push in.