Isolated Light Rains in South Tamil Nadu in the Coming Days

Mostly dry weather has been prevailing over Tamil Nadu since the spell of rains around Feb. 10th.  During this phase slowly the temperatures have also started to raise in the interiors with some places touching 35 / 36°C in places like Madurai  & Salem.  Chennai though has been seeing relatively better days with the day time temperatures hovering around 30 / 31°C.

The interior parts of the state along with places like Tirunelveli & Madurai in South Tamil Nadu is likely to see a hot day with temperatures  expected to be around 35°C in these places.  The cool nights that the state was witnessing for the past week or so will give way to slightly warmer nights under the influence of partly clouded skies aided by improving Easterlies.

South Tamil Nadu in particular places along the Western Ghats will witness some rains in the coming days starting from tomorrow.  Wednesday is likely to be the best day for rains as a slight convergence of low level winds brought about by the improving Easterlies.  While North Tamil Nadu is unlikely to get any rains parts of Delta districts could get some light showers.