Interior Tamil Nadu gets ready for Summer

As we have been mentioning regularly in the past Interior Tamil Nadu along with South Tamil Nadu sets the ball rolling early as far as summer goes.  As we get closer to March slowly the day time temperatures in these places will start increasing while the coastal areas continues to be modulated by the Easterlies until the seasonal change process for Southwest Monsoon gets underway.

While the temperatures will not immediately raise in these places on a daily basis, we will slowly start seeing the trend establish.  By March first week the day time temperatures in places like Madurai / Salem etc will start to consistently stay above 35 / 36°C inching closer to Tamil Nadu’s favorite 100°F threshold

Numerical Models indicate the west coast and South Tamil Nadu is likely to see another hot day with many places in the Konkan region expected to see temperatures nearly 2 degrees higher than normal once again.  Places in North TN could continue to see relatively pleasant days for the next few days interior places will see fairly warm days continue.