Hot Day Time Conditions likely over Tamil Nadu

The Heat Quotient over Tamil Nadu notched up a bit yesterday with Tiruchirappalli AP touching 39°C and Madurai AP not very far off with 38.7°C.  Except for the narrow coastal area of up to 20 kms from the coast line rest of the entire state possibly saw temperatures in excess of 35°C.

Numerical Models indicate another hot day ahead for almost all of the state with above normal temperatures seen over most places.  In particular districts like Virudhunagar, parts of Madurai & Thoothukudi districts are likely to see temperatures about 3 / 4 degrees above normal for this time of the year.

 While the rest of the state has been seeing temperatures above 37°C on and off so far North TN has been relatively better off with temperatures staying around 35 / 36°C occasionally going above.  Today though we could possibly see Hot Day time conditions prevail over many parts of the region including Chennai suburbs.  Numerical Models indicate suburbs like Tiruvallur / Chengalpet, Kanchipuram etc could possibly see temperatures peak to around 38 / 39°C as the winds from the East further weaken compared to yesterday.

On the thunderstorm front with the Easterlies weakening the winds from the West have started to move in further inland over parts of Peninsular India bringing the instability factor into the equation.  Places along the Western Ghats & in one or two places over the Eastern Ghats like Jawadhu Hills & Kalvarayan range could see thunderstorms develop during the evening.