Hot Day Ahead for Parts of Interior Tamil Nadu

Yesterday fairly hot day was recorded over some areas of Tamil Nadu in the interior districts.  Karur Paramathy recorded the hottest day of the year among all the IMD observatories for the year 2018 touching 38.6°C in the process.  Tiruchirapalli AP also recorded its hottest day of the year as well as Salem and Madurai AP were among the stations to touch 37°C.

Numerical Models indicate the districts of Tiruchirappalli, Madurai, Karur, Virudhunagar along with parts of Erode, Tiruppur & Dindigul to see a fairly  hot day with temperatures in these region expected to peak around 38°C in many places with a few places possibly touching 39°C as well under localized impact.  This belt will possibly see fairly hot and uncomfortable afternoons for the next couple of days going by model outputs.

Going by model out puts South Tamil Nadu & Central Tamil Nadu is expected to see slightly above average day time temperatures.  With weaker Easterlies compared to the last week these areas along with coastal areas like Chennai are seeing increase in temperatures.  This is possibly why places like Anantapur & Kurnool recorded their first 40°C as well for the first time this year yesterday.