Another Hot Day Ahead for West Coast of India

The temperatures across most parts of India have started increasing as the last few days of Winter fades away from the Sub Continent.  Parts of Konkan have been recording fairly high temperatures with most weather bloggers from the region observing the pattern is nearly a week to ten days earlier compared to normal times.

Yesterday interior places of Tamil Nadu saw temperatures show marginal increase compared to the previous days with Salem, Madurai, Karur all crossing 36 degrees for the day.  Similar conditions are expected to prevail today as well with West Interior Tamil Nadu & South Tamil Nadu seeing the warmest conditions in the state.  Chennai will continue to see day time temperatures stay around 32  / 33 degrees.

West Coast though is unlikely to see any immediate respite from the hot conditions as Easterly land based winds bring the heat from the interiors towards the coast.  The narrow stretch of about 25 – 50 kms from the coast will possibly see the hottest conditions as sea breeze winds its way slowly towards these places in the late evening.