Increase in Heat Quotient likely over most of Tamil Nadu

So far summer over Tamil Nadu has been showing up its face intermittently in spells lasting 2/3 days of heat in the interior places of the state.  Except for one day when the observatory at Chennai AP nearly recorded 37.8°C the temperatures along the coast have hovered in the lower 30s with Delta coast rarely seeing max temperature cross 35°C.

Typically South Tamil Nadu & West Interior Tamil Nadu starts seeing the temperatures increase by early March followed by Central TN and then finally North TN as the winds start to change towards Westerlies.  While we are yet to see the start of seasonal wind change to the Westerlies, time to time the movement of Semi Permanent High Pressure Zones and the interplay of the Trough between the two High Pressure Zones either side of Indian Sub Continent brings pseudo Westerlies changing the dynamics temporarily.

The next few days is likely to be one such window where land based Northerlies / Westerlies will dominate keeping the Easterlies under check.  As we keep mentioning often stronger Easterlies moderate the temperature over most of Tamil Nadu during early summer days.  From today till possibly Sunday we are likely to see land breeze dominate the afternoon dynamics.

Today we are likely to see temperatures increase by a degree or so over most parts of the state the hotter regions are likely to be around South TN, Central TN & West TN.  Numerical models indicate isolated places could touch 40°C around Madurai / Virudhunagar districts in South TN and possibly around Erode district in West TN.

Suburbs of Chennai particularly about 30 – 50 kms from the coast could see a fairly hot day with temperatures inching close to the 100°F mark