Harvest window available for farmers in Tamil Nadu

With the Pongal festivities winding down in a day or two the farmers of Tamil Nadu will soon need to get back to business in terms of harvesting their paddy crops that were sowed slightly later.  In the early days of January we had put an alert on how farmers should possibly harvest their crops if possible before a spell of heavy rains that could happen in the coastal areas.  This time around we are giving a head start on a possible dry window ahead of us which the farmers could make use of.

Before that for some daily synopsis, the last few nights have seen most of Tamil Nadu record temperatures which were near normal are slightly warmer than normal.  Today could be the last night in that spell of warmer than normal temperatures before a spell of cool / cold nights return back for the state.

This cold spell incidentally coincides with the dry weather spell which we have been talking for the farmers to make use off.  From tomorrow night we could see the night time temperatures dip down with possibly the weekend seeing once again the cold nights similar to first week when stations like Chennai recorded their coldest nights in nearly 5 years.

As mentioned in the opening lines of this post the next week or so could see relatively dry weather across most parts of Tamil Nadu which could be a good opportunity for those who have gone for Late Samba crops especially in the districts of Delta, Cuddalore, Villupuram where the instances of late samba is higher compared to rest of the districts.  With clearer skies and less chance of rainfall the harvest activity is less likely to see disturbances on account of weather for the next week or so.