Hailstorm Possibility over Central India during Weekend

After many parts of Peninsular India received rains from wind induced instability the action is likely to shift further North during the weekend as parts of Central India is likely to witness rainfall action which may not be good news for the farmers out there on account of a firm possibility of hailstorms in a few areas.

The rainfall accumulation chart from TRMM Mission of NASA for the last 3 days have pretty much confirmed what the models had estimated about the rainfall pattern over the last few days.  The areas around the Western Ghats got the bulk of the rains either side of the hill ranges in Tamil Nadu & Kerala.  The Srivilliputhur Wildlife Sanctuary along with the Meghamalai region enjoyed the heaviest spells of rains which could go some way in filling up the water bodies in the forest ahead of the summer which is not very far away.

With the rains for Tamil Nadu firmly behind us we can look forward to some bit of dry weather for the next couple of weeks.  The action now shifts towards Central India where models indicate potentially strong thunderstorms to hit a few parts of the region over the weekend.  Models also indicate Hailstorm possibility for a few places in parts of Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh as two different wind masses, one from the West & the other from the East, collide over the northern fringes of the Deccan Plateau areas.