Fine Margins influencing Chennai Rains

Just when everyone thought Chennai Rains will once again be talk of the town courtesy the Low Pressure in Bay rain bands decided to stay off the coast all night long making it an anti climax for weather watchers and common public who were eagerly waiting for the rains after the small break Northeast Monsoon went through.  The elongated circulation not helping matters by creating a skewed wind pattern making it so near yet so far for Chennai rains moving until about 75 – 100 kms to the East of Chennai and then fading away.

Models continue to show bulk of the rains to fall off the coast of Chennai today as well with possibly a narrow band of about 10 kms from the coast getting moderate to heavy spells of rains during the course of the day.  If one were to infer the model outlooks and likely path the Low Pressure in Bay is likely to take the next 24 hours represent possibly the best chance for Chennai Rains after which possibly the convection could shift North if the Low climbs latitude as estimated by models.

If one were to look at the prevailing wind pattern the convex coast of Chennai is possibly the best placed to receive any spells of rains.  Taking things into account on how the wind pattern is estimated to be today we still believe conditions remain conducive for North TN & adjoining parts of South AP to be ideally placed for a spell or two of heavy rains.  But as will be the case the early part of the day will remain quiet with things picking up once again later in the evening.   Keeping Fingers Crossed