Support from Far East needed for Late Season flourish from NEM

Though NEM has not been having a great last couple of weeks, the weak Easterly Wave has been giving some isolated spells of rains over the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu.  Yesterday saw parts of Chennai receive light spells of rains while one or two places in the Southern suburbs recorded moderate rains. Parts of Delta districts also got some on and off spells of rains. Similarly light rains were reported in parts of Coimbatore district as well with remnant moisture travelling across the land.

Today could be similar day with some spells of coastal areas recording light rains with better prospects for the stretch between Pondicherry & Nagappattinam to record occasional moderate spell of rains at times.  Once again places along the Western Ghats could get some isolated spell of rains as the remnant moisture gets carried into the interior areas.  But overall it could be only light rains at best with no major rainfall activity on the cards over the next few days until some support comes out of the the events currently happening further Far East.

A few days back weather watching community was abuzz with late season flourish around Christmas period by NEM thanks to some of the models expecting possibly strong systems in Bay of Bengal.  Subsequently models have started to slowly remove this scenario thanks to suppressed conditions prevailing over North Indian Ocean.

But with 3 suspect areas between Andaman Sea & West Pacific could things turn for the good with a late season flourish?  Mind says No heart says Yes. Nevertheless we need something to evolve out of these suspect areas for Northeast Monsoon to show a late season flourish and also possibly some of the interior districts to catch up with the deficits as the current Easterly wave is to weak to make a meaningful contribution.