Extremely Hot Day Ahead for Northeast Suburbs of Mumbai

Possibly today could be only the second time we at COMK have put a post dedicated to weather in Mumbai.  Last year we had put a post when extreme precipitation was expected over the Megapolis during peak Southwest Monsoon Period while today the expected “Extreme Heat” is the reason for the dedicated post on Mumbai. Yesterday Mumbai AP recorded 41°C the hottest day since 2011 when 41.3°C was recorded.  Many Eastern Suburbs similarly recorded temperatures in the region of 41 / 42°C

Also thanks to the slightly stronger Easterlies over the southern parts of Peninsular India most of Tamil Nadu is likely to see day time temperatures under check making it a relatively better off day though we are now in the last week of March.  Numerical Models indicate North Tamil Nadu to see a below average maximum temperature today indicating the strength of Easterlies.  Pockets of West Interior TN could slightly hotter day though with temperatures possibly touching 38°C.

If Mumbaikars thought yesterday was “Sun Day” today is likely to be not Monday but “Sun Day”. Models indicate today to be the hottest day of the current spell before some respite tomorrow and further reduction in temperatures from Tuesday.  Most of North Konkan coast of Maharashtra along with the coastal areas of Gujarat are likely to see temperatures in the region of 40°C

While overall the entire region is likely to see hot conditions without any doubts the situation at the Northeast suburbs of Mumbai further gets aggravated by the broken hills around Borivali.  These hills part of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is sandwiched between Borivali & Thane raising to as high as 300 mts above sea level in a few places.  Due to the location of these hills the Northeast Suburbs possibly miss out on early relief from sea breeze to bring down the temperatures.

With the sea breeze taking its time to wind around the hills these suburbs not only see temperatures climb well into the afternoon but possibly stay around the maximum threshold till possibly evening making it very uncomfortable few hours.