Marginal Easterly Wave to bring Rains to Coastal Tamil Nadu

After fairly uneventful Monsoon conditions for the past fortnight or so Coastal Tamil Nadu will once again see some rains return back under the influence of a marginal Easterly Wave moving in.  After Cyclone Ockhi & subsequently the Depression in North Bay meant a scrambled wind pattern preventing any rainfall prospects for almost the entire first fortnight of December.

Numerical Models indicate this Marginal Easterly Wave may persist for the next 3 / 4 days with possibly Delta districts & South Coastal Tamil Nadu better placed for rains from this spell.  North Coastal Tamil Nadu will possibly see rainfall chances improve from tomorrow as the Easterly Wave Impact spread northwards for a couple of days.

One or two places in the interiors of Tamil Nadu could get moderate spells of rains today as the remnant moisture from the Easterly wave picks pace while traversing through the interiors and head into the Western Ghats.  A little bit of convective activity is also estimated from these remnant thunderstorms which could give isolated thunderstorms in the interior places.

While Chennai may not see much rains today there could be a spell or two of light drizzle / சாரல் மழை in one or two places later in the night.  Things become better for light to moderate rains tomorrow.