Returning Easterlies to bring Light Rains over Coastal Tamil Nadu

After a gap of nearly 10 days the Easterlies are returning back to the coasts of Tamil Nadu bringing with them possible rainfall opportunities.  Since the depression formed and moved up towards North Bay the wind pattern has not been conducive for Coastal Tamil Nadu leading to a suppressed phase of Northeast Monsoon.  Some parts of South TN & Interior parts enjoyed better luck with wind instabilities to catch up a spell or two of rains though it was not widespread.

Satellite images over the Bay have started to pick up moderate thunderstorms in the sea to the Southeast of Chennai an indication of the improving Easterly winds.  For the next couple of days though the winds are still going to be a little skewed to the North hence keeping the rainfall opportunities lower.  Around Saturday the wind pattern further improves bettering the rainfall possibilities for Coastal areas.

Today we could see parts of Delta Districts and coastal areas of South TN record some light rains as during the course of the day winds from the East strengthen.  As has been the case for the last few days there exists a chance for places along the Western Ghats to record some spells of thunderstorms today as well.  Depending on how things evolve it could be either to the West or to the East of the Ghats.

Chennai possibly will have to wait for a couple of more days to see light rains return back once again.