Early Winter Like Conditions Over North Tamil Nadu

Not often one tends to see early winter like conditions in Tamil Nadu during Northeast Monsoon time.  Last year during middle of November when Northeast Monsoon was having one of its worst phases we were seeing dry weather prevail and night time minimum temperatures dipping well below normal.  With the current depression in Bay of Bengal intensifying and moving up we are likely to see early winter nights in Tamil Nadu especially in the interior & coastal areas of North Tamil Nadu.

The depression now lying about 600 kms E/SE of Vishakapatnam is steadily moving in a Northerly direction with a slight tinge of West in it.  As mentioned a few days back the High Pressure Zone over Indo China is guiding the movement of this depression which is expected to intensify as a Deep Depression today and continue its Northward movement.  Later today as it gets into unfavorable environment it will start loosing steam and drifting away.

Thanks to the Depression the winds are temporarily from the West which is likely to create a winter like conditions during evening & night for most parts of North Tamil Nadu. Night time  minimum temperatures are expected to be a couple of degrees below normal across Interior TN and along the coast from Delta to Chennai. Thanks to the depression absorbing all moisture in the region a clearer than normal sky is also likely to add to the chill factor.

As far as rains are concerned places along the Western Ghats will continue to see isolated thunderstorms develop later in the day.  Apart from this rest of the state is likely to see dry conditions prevail.