Dry Weather to prevail over Most of Tamil Nadu

With the current spell of rains winding down over Tamil Nadu the weather will turn back to the Dry Hot Days in the coming days as summer conditions start to firm up over the Indian Sub Continent.  Yesterday saw some isolated rains happen over the Western Parts of Tamil Nadu around Nilgiris, Coimbatore districts closer to the Ghats.  Parts of Central Kerala though got hit by heavy thunderstorms in the evening bringing moderate to heavy rains over places like Kochi, Kottayam etc.

Today once again some light rains are likely to happen over places along the Western Ghats though unlike the previous days heavy thunderstorms are unlikely to happen as overall atmospheric dynamics are moving towards a much more stable condition.  Except for the narrow band of places along the Ghats rest of Peninsular India will see dry weather conditions prevail.  The next week to ten days is likely to see dry weather prevail over most of Tamil Nadu.

While dry weather is likely to prevail the next day or two will possibly see day time temperatures stay closer to normal both during day & the nights.  Weather Models indicate possibly from Wednesday temperatures are expected to increase in the interiors with couple of models indicating a few places to touch 38 / 39°C Max Temperature during this period.

Places like Chennai will remain relatively better off with the persistent Easterlies keeping day time temperatures under check.