Dry Weather to prevail over South India

February is a relatively dry month for most of South India with very little synoptic activity seen during this time to influence rainfall.  Occasional Easterly wave activity or at times wind induced instabilities like a week or so back bring occasional rains which normally favors extreme southern parts of Peninsular India.

Things start to change when the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) starts climbing the latitude into the Northern Hemisphere bringing the right conditions for the pre monsoon summer thunderstorms over the interiors.  As we keep mentioning often the ITCZ normally follows the sun which has already started its journey into Northern Hemisphere will move cross Equator by Mid March post which things start rolling for the Indian Summer Monsoon with pre monsoon thunderstorms the first step towards it.

Under clear skies most parts of South India will be seeing warm day ahead with the West Coast seeing summer like conditions as expected at this time of the year.  Many places in Kerala & South Coastal Karnataka will possibly see day time max temperatures stay around the 100°F mark.  Typically west coast and South Tamil Nadu see the day time temperatures climb first followed by the interiors as a prelude to summer.