Dry Conditions to Mark last Week of 2017 for Tamil Nadu

As 2017 winds down dry weather has started to prevail over most of Tamil Nadu with the Easterlies fading.  The last couple of days have started seeing the night time temperatures also come down in the interior parts of the state.  Salem, Coimbatore both recorded sub 20°C last night after nearly a week or so.  Chennai Nungambakkam recorded 22.5°C nearly a degree lower than yesterday while Minambakkam recorded 21.3°C more than half a degree lower than Saturday morning.

Numerical Models indicate similar trend to continue for the next 3 / 4 days with possibly early next week likely to see the first proper winter conditions over most of interior Tamil Nadu as night time temperatures could possibly dip by nearly 3 degrees below normal.  With dry conditions prevailing over the Indian Sub Continent clearer skies are likely to aid the dip in temperatures.

  Going by numerical models the next week to 10 days are likely to see dry conditions prevail with no major synoptic activity underway in the North Indian Ocean basin.  The ITCZ is now straddling the equator as models continue to spin possible Cyclonic activity in the Southern Hemisphere in the days to come.  Unless strong synoptic activity moves into Northern Indian Ocean Basin the ITCZ will further move South in the days to come.  The only hope in the current context is for Typhoon Tembin to move westward without much loss to regenerate in Bay once again for any rainfall activity to resume once again.