Coolest Phase of the Season ahead for Chennai & Surrounding Areas

As explained in our post yesterday a cool spell is ahead of most parts of Tamil Nadu including Chennai.  The early morning 5:30 AM temperatures indicate both Nungambakkam & Meenambakkam observatories trending a degree or so lower than yesterday & possibly heading for the coolest nights during the second fortnight of January.  The next 3 / 4 days are likely to see further drops to the minimum temperatures as suppressed conditions hold sway.

North Tamil Nadu could fairly cold night in the interior areas as places like Vellore, Tirupathur, Arakkonam & Tiruttani could see temperatures around 14 / 15°C.  There is a firm possibility of some of the Chennai suburbs possibly seeing temperatures around 18°C or slightly lower too.  Numerical Models indicate isolated coastal areas near Chennai could see nearly 3 degrees below normal temperatures tonight with further  dips expected on Thursday & Friday.

A combination of clear skies along with the High Pressure Zone that is expected to persist over Peninsular India is setting up the right conditions for the temperature drops over the next few days.  With Easterlies going through a weak phase its time for the Land Breeze to dominate during late nights / early mornings.  This will result in appreciable temperature drops early in the morning along the coastal areas of North Tamil Nadu.  Numerical Models are consistent about Chennai & surrounding areas seeing nearly 3 / 4 degrees lower than normal night time temperatures over the next few nights.