Cooler Nights to Return over Tamil Nadu

Winter conditions are set for a return back over most parts of Tamil Nadu as numerical models indicate a dip in night time minimum temperatures over large parts of Peninsular India. With no major synoptic support anywhere close to the Indian coastline  things are expected to be quiet and dry for the next week or so.  This is likely to influence the strength of the Easterlies as well thereby influencing the night time conditions.

The temperatures have shown a dip today morning compared to yesterday in the IMD Nungambakkam Automatic Weather station with similar conditions reported from the other IMD stations like Meenambakkam, Cuddalore & Puducherry across coastal Tamil Nadu.

Numerical Models indicate places around Chennai could see nearly 2 – 3 degrees below normal temperature on Thursday morning with similar trend expected to continue until early next week.  Some parts of interior Tamil Nadu could see night time conditions dip nearly 3 / 4 degrees below normal as we get closer to the weekend as dry suppressed conditions and diurnal High Pressure Zone over Peninsular India shows its effect on night time weather conditions.

The suburbs of Chennai will start seeing minimum temperatures go sub 20°C once again starting from tonight while there is a slight chance around weekend the Airport observatory will go close to the seasonal low achieved during the 1st week of January.