Cooler Nights to Return Over Tamil Nadu

Since Pongal the temperatures across Tamil Nadu has been mostly closer to normal or in some cases marginally above normal under the influence of marginal Easterly winds.  Even Interior places of the state was seeing slightly above normal night time weather for the past few days.  All this is set to change starting tonight as cooler nights are set to make a comeback over most parts of Tamil Nadu & Peninsular India

While warmer than normal day time weather is likely to persist over South Tamil Nadu places in North TN in particular the NW parts of the state along with adjoining parts of Rayalaseema & South Interior Karnataka could see fairly pleasant day time conditions as marginally lower than normal Max Temperatures are expected to continue for the next few days.

Starting tonight though we could possibly see a dip in night time temperatures over North Tamil Nadu which will slowly spread to most parts of the state as the week progresses.  Numerical Models indicate as we progress to the later part of the week around Thursday / Friday most places of the state could see nearly 3 degrees below normal night time minimum temperatures bringing the cold nights back for the interior areas of the state.

A combination of Diurnal High Pressure Zone over Peninsular India & weak Easterly winds are likely to bring this change in the weather over the week.