Cool Nights to Continue over North Int. Tamil Nadu

Yesterday saw Chennai AP record 19°C the lowest temperature recorded during the month of March since 2008.  Not often one gets to see the night time minimum temperature dip below 20°C at this time of the year.  It was a welcome relief after the hot day time conditions on Saturday afternoon. Many other places in North Tamil Nadu also recorded cool conditions with Vellore dipping to 16.8°C.

The next couple of days or so are expected to see similar pattern with North Interior Tamil Nadu expected to remain fairly cool during late evenings & early mornings.  Some of the interior areas adjoining the Rayalaseema region could possibly see nearly 3 / 4 degrees below normal minimum temperatures for the next two mornings before things become closer to normal.

Aided by the diurnal High Pressure Area over South India the land based wind pattern creates right conditions for the night time temperature to drop under the influence of clear night time skies.  The suburbs of Chennai could see minimum temperatures stay close to 20°C on Tuesday morning as well while places about 50 kms to the West of Chennai will possibly see around 17 / 18°C