Cold Weather to Ease over Tamil Nadu

The cold night time conditions that have enveloped most of North Tamil Nadu is expected to gradually ease from tonight.  The last couple of nights have seen many places in the state record 3 / 4 degrees below normal night time minimum temperatures.  Puducherry came very close to recording its coldest February night ever missing the mark by just 0.2°C.  Similarly Chennai Airport recorded its coolest night in five years.

The early morning temperatures today indicate many places seeing very similar conditions as yesterday with Vrinchipuram AWS about 15 kms to the west of Vellore recording a minimum of 10.8°C at the time of filing this post.  Similarly places like Coimbatore AP, Salem, Hosur, Neyveli, Chidambaram, Cuddalore etc are recording lower temperatures than yesterday at similar times.

While cool conditions will continue to persist over Tamil Nadu for the next couple of days, the abnormally low temperatures will gradually ease from tonight with models expecting the cold conditions to shift slightly to the North bringing abnormally cold nights to Rayalaseema & South Interior Karnataka over the weekend,

By early next week under the influence of the strengthening Easterly winds most of Tamil Nadu will get back to less cooler nights with a possibility of rains around middle of the week bringing some cheer.  A more detailed estimate on the expected rains in a day or two will be posted as things firm up.