Cold Spell Ahead for Interior Peninsular India

Winter conditions firmed up once again over many parts of Peninsular India as the effect of Easterlies faded away along with the return of the more drier atmospheric conditions. Many stations in the region have recorded a degree or two drop today morning compared to the last couple of days at 5:30 AM

Numerical Models indicate the next 3 / 4 days to see a cold spell over most areas of Interior Peninsular India with some parts of the region seeing nearly 4 / 5 degrees below normal night time minimum temperatures.  Overall the models are consistent on the next few days possibly being the coldest spell of the season with most places in line to record their lowest temperatures of the year.

Tonight could see the parts of Rayalaseema, South Interior Karnataka and adjoining parts of West Interior Tamil Nadu possibly record abnormally cool nights with temperatures dropping more than 3 degrees below normal in this region.  Places like Tiruttani, Vellore, Tirupattur & Dharmapuri are possibly in line to touch 15°C or lower as the mercury dips in these places.

Numerical Models also indicate Bengaluru and surrounding areas could be inline for the coolest nights of the season over the next 3 / 4 days as night time minimum temperatures could stay around 12 / 13°C.