Cold Nights to persist in Interior Tamil Nadu

Cold Weather is typically not associated with Tamil Nadu considering the tropical climate most of the state sees right through the year.  Interior places though sees a fairly appreciable drop in night time temperatures particularly the ones in Northwest Interior TN like Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Vellore districts which see an altitude increase being at the fringes of Deccan Plateau between December & February.

As active monsoon conditions fade away slowly these places start to see a dip in temperatures as dry weather firms up the grip under clearer skies.  Yesterday Chennai AP recorded its coolest night since February as the temperatures there dipped for the first time to under 20°C.  Today the morning 5:30 AM temperatures though indicate almost all of the IMD observatories in North TN, South record its coolest night in a week a degree or two lower than yesterday. Both the Chennai observatories along with Tirupathi & Nellore are possibly heading for its coolest night of the season as well with a fair possibility of Meenambakkam recording its first 18 of the season.

Models indicate the trend of cooler than normal night time conditions to continue for most of Peninsular India for the next couple of days with North Interior Tamil Nadu along with parts of adjoining Rayalaseema & South Interior Karnataka seeing nearly 3 degrees below normal.  Places along the coast like Chennai could see closer to normal temperatures today though models indicate tomorrow could see temperatures take a dip once again.  Overall the temperatures are expected to maintain this trend until the turn of the new year.

The upper reaches of Nilgiris & Palani Hills could see abnormally cold nights for the next couple of days with Ground Frost likely to happen in many places. With Ooty, Coonoor & Kodai enjoying its second season the tourists are advised to take sufficient precautions while staying in these places as temperatures are expected to remain appreciably cooler for the rest of the year.