Another Cold Night Ahead for North Tamil Nadu

The last couple of days have seen the night time temperatures dip over Most of North Tamil Nadu with many places recording sub 20°C temperatures.  The interior places of Tiruvannamalai, Tiruvallur & Kanchipuram districts along with parts of Villupuram district has been seeing minimum temperatures dip around 16 / 17°C.  Last night saw Chennai AP record 18.4°C at 5:30 AM which is the lowest recorded so far this season at 5:30 AM.  There is a fair possibility for Chennai AP to have a go at possibly the first sub 17°C in many years either today or tomorrow.

Going by the IMD AWS & TN Agri University AWS temperature updates many places around Chennai saw last night as one of the coolest nights in recent times.  Though some of the temperature readings in these automatic weather stations may not be exact the overall trend seem to be in sync with what models have been estimating.

Going by what weather models have been estimating consistently for the last few days tonight could be the coldest night for most of North Tamil Nadu.  ECMWF estimates many interior places could see minimum temperatures dip down as low as 15°C.  The Western & Southern Suburbs of Chennai will possibly see the night record around 17°C once again though the city area could be a very pleasant 19 / 20°C