Chennai Rains Heading to Break Mode

After nearly 10 days of continuous rains of varying intensity finally Chennai Rains is possibly heading into a much needed break mode to allow the city to recover from the water logging issues that are slowly creeping up.  In what will be relief for the farmers of Delta districts particularly closer to the coast the non stop heavy rains will slow down.  It remains to be seen though if the water logged fields will recover enough for the Samba crops to come out unscathed in the coming days.

 With models expecting the current Tropical Depression over Malay Peninsula to move into Andaman Sea in the coming 24 – 48 hours there will be some change in dynamics depending on how the low evolves and moves across towards the Indian Sub Continent.  In the meanwhile the intrusion of the more Dry Northerlies bringing in the continental air could bring break mode for Monsoon dynamics.  With regard to Chennai rains are expected to slow down from today with possibly the next 2 / 3 days likely to see subdued activity.

As far as rest of Tamil Nadu goes the current spell of rains in Delta will possibly slow down from the afternoon slowly bringing a break to those areas as well.  South Tamil Nadu could see isolated heavy rains in one or two places today while light to moderate rains to occur at many places over the coastal areas.  As far as Interior places go isolated rains could happen along the Western Ghats.

We will take couple of days at a time to see how the Bay Low Pressure evolves in the coming days.