Chennai Rains Blog Adds Temperature & Rainfall Section

We at Chennai Rains Blog always believe Off Season is time as a Weather Blogger one can focus on creating new things & developing more meaningful weather analysis.  With no pressure to answer questions like  “Will it Rain?, When Will it Rain? etc the energies could be used to create long term quality content.  The dawn of 2018 has given us at Chennai Rains an opportunity to add a brand new section which we hope people will come to like in the days to come. More on that in a while.

With overall Winter conditions prevailing over Indian Sub Continent the next few days are likely to be dry for most of Tamil Nadu as the state received dry winds from Northeast instead of the more moist Easterlies which could provide some rainfall opportunities.  These gusty winds from the Northeast have ensured the night time temperatures stay near normal or slightly above normal across the state in particular closer to the coast.  Numerical Models indicate starting from Friday the minimum temperatures could see a dip by a degree or two over Tamil Nadu.

As mentioned in our opening remarks With the New year comes a New Beginning for the Chennai Rains Blog as well.  We have added a brand new section which will feature the Daily Temperature & Rainfall Update from nearly 24 stations across the state & Puducherry starting from 1st Jan. 2018.  The data will be provided in tabular form so that it is easier to relate and retrieve.

Additionally for about 15 stations we have also created a Temperature & Rainfall synopsis for the year 2017 featuring for each of the month the following

  • Highest Temperatures recorded
  • Lowest Temperatures recorded
  • No of days when temp cross 100°F
  • No of days when the temp dipped below 20°C
  • Highest 24 hours Rainfall recorded
  • Total Rainfall for the month
  • No of days when Rainfall crossed 1 mm

Please bookmark Chennai Rains Temp Section  so that you can access it when ever you want without any difficulties.

We also take this opportunity to inform of another section which was added a couple of weeks back though the overall dry phase has meant this is not being put to much use.  The Chennai Rains Radar Section which has radar images from all the radars in South India.

Both the above sections would not have been possible without the data being provided by IMD in the public domain.  

Do share your feedback on the new developments, be it Good, Bad & Ugly.  It will help us become better.