Bengaluru / Hyderabad heading for coldest nights of the season

The last few days have seen interior places of Peninsular India record well below night time minimum temperatures with places like Bengaluru seeing consistent decline in night time temperatures.  Last night saw Hyderabad also record fairly cold conditions along with Bengaluru with both possibly heading for coldest nights of the season today & tomorrow

Numerical Models indicate similar trend to continue for the next couple of days at the least as parts of Karnataka & Telangana region could see night time temperatures dip nearly 4 degrees below normal over the weekend.  In particular North Karnataka and adjoining parts of Telangana are likely to see the coldest nights in Peninsular India.

Clear skies aided by the dry weather is triggering this dip in temperatures in what is possibly the peak winter season for Peninsular India as during the 2nd fortnight January & 1st Fortnight of February the effects of more moist Easterlies is minimal allowing the temperatures to drop well.

Interior Tamil Nadu will continue to see cool nights with places like Dharmapuri, Vellore, Tiruttani etc seeing night time temperatures hover between 14 – 16°C.  Similarly places like Salem & Coimbatore further to the West will possibly see temperatures stay around 19 / 20°C