Central Tamil Nadu continues to Swelter

April 25, 2018 8:32 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

Parts of Central Tamil Nadu continues to bear the brunt of the Summer with temperatures staying above 40°C for the 3rd straight day in Karur Paramathi & Tiruchirappalli AP.  Karur has been seeing temperatures stay above 41 for the past 3 days with no immediate respite seen. While models indicate a slight reduction in temperatures for parts of North Tamil Nadu it is still going to be extremely uncomfortable during the afternoon.  Only places about 30 kms from the coast will enjoy some assistance from the Sea Breeze around afternoon with interiors continuing to see fairly high temperatures even around [Read More]

Summer 2018 ups the Ante over Tamil Nadu

April 24, 2018 6:48 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

Summer 2018 notched up a couple of levels over Tamil Nadu as Monday saw hottest day of the year recorded in many IMD observatories in the Interior areas of the state.  Salem recorded 40.6°C yesterday, the first time it crossed 40°C this year while Coimbatore & Dharmapuri also recorded their highest temperatures so far in 2018.  For the first time this year 5 IMD observatories crossed 40°C, Salem, Karur Paramathi, Tiruchirappalli AP,  Vellore & Tiruttani being those that crossed 40°C. Models indicate there is unlikely to be any major relief for the next couple of days with possibly Friday providing [Read More]

No Immediate Respite from Heat for Tamil Nadu

April 23, 2018 6:58 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

The increased temperatures seen over large parts of Tamil Nadu over the last few days is here to stay with no immediate respite seen according to numerical weather models.  At this time of the year the seasonal heat is the order of the day and going by the anomaly charts the current temperatures are par for course and pretty much in lines with the expectations.   As has been the case for the last couple of days, interior places around Karur, Namakkal, Erode & Salem districts could see temperatures continue around 40°C in a few places along with parts of Tiruchirappalli [Read More]

Hot “Sun Day” Ahead for Most parts of Tamil Nadu

April 22, 2018 7:41 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

As we get into the last week of April the seasonal Summer has started to show its face over most of Tamil Nadu.  Karur Paramathi recorded a second straight day of 41°C while little away the Airport observatory at Tiruchirappalli recorded 40.1°C.  Vellore & Tiruttani which recorded above 41°C on Friday showed some respite with max temperatures coming down to 39s.  Nevertheless the overall trend was that of Hot Afternoons across the state. Today also it is going to be a hot “Sun Day” for most parts of the state with once again the districts of Karur & Tiruchirappalli along [Read More]