Active Monsoon Conditions Persist

Northeast Monsoon continues to be active & vigorous over Coastal Tamil Nadu in particular the stretch between Delta districts & South Andhra Pradesh. The last couple of days have seen very heavy rains lash this region with Monday seeing many places in Cuddalore, Nagappattinam & Thiruvaur districts recording more than 20 cms rains.  Midnight saw almost all of Chennai get lashed by intense thunderstorms and heavy rainfall for an hour or so.

With the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation remaining practically stationary  around the Gulf of Mannar region it continues to pump a lot of moisture over coastal Tamil Nadu aided by the strong Easterlies from the Bay.  Models estimate a similar situation to continue for the next couple of days with no movement expected from this disturbance though a few models estimate to intensify into an organized tropical disturbance.

Chennai and rest of North Coastal TN is likely to see a spell of moderate to heavy rains during the early part of the day.  In particular around day break we are going to see fairly heavy spells move in from a squall line of thunderstorms lined up just off the coast. During later part of the day there could be on and off light rains with things picking up once again late in the night.

Today we could see some heavy rains in parts of South Kerala along with adjoining parts of South Tamil Nadu as Northeast Monsoon continues to be active over the region.  Delta districts will see another day of moderate to heavy rains lash right through the day. The most active zone today could be around Pondy / Cuddalore. The interior places of Tamil Nadu will slowly start seeing rainfall though until the system intensifies good rainfall prospects are limited