Thunderstorms to check in over South TN

June 30, 2018 7:06 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

Yesterday saw a pick up in thunderstorms over Tamil Nadu as moderate to heavy rains lashed parts of Pudukottai & Sivaganga districts along with a few parts of delta areas in Thanjavur & Nagappattinam districts.  Manamadurai AWS recorded 36 mm of which 35 mm fell in one hour between 5:30 and 6:30 PM.  After nearly two weeks parts of Madurai also got rains last evening with models indicating a better day today. As mentioned in our yesterday’s post after a Duronto Run Southwest Monsoon has covered the entire country well ahead of schedule.  While the extreme West & Northwest edges of [Read More]

Thunderstorm possibilities for Delta

June 29, 2018 6:58 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

With Southwest Monsoon on Durango mode for the past few days thunderstorm activity while not completely stopping saw a weak phase over most of Tamil Nadu. After stalling for majority of June aided by positive developments on either side Southwest Monsoon went on a coast to coast slalom run covering most of the country except for a small patch in Gujarat and Rajasthan. While Northeast Monsoon provides bulk of rains to Delta districts, thunderstorm activity during Southwest Monsoon also is a good contributor to the agricultural activities there. With the unique location being a positive factor in the land – [Read More]

Thunderstorm activity to continue over North TN

June 27, 2018 6:43 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

Yesterday saw parts of Chennai & Suburbs record moderate thunderstorm activity triggered by a perfectly placed sea breeze front in the late afternoon. Yesterday’s radar was a classic case of how sea breeze could trigger thunderstorms on its own as places around Guindy, Chromepet saw light rains around 4 PM in the evening. If one were to look at the wind charts today ECMWF indicates a fairly strong sea breeze front to move in along the coast to the South and North of Chennai. A couple of more triggers look positive as far as the thunderstorm activity making the conditions [Read More]

Cauvery Basin – Cautious Optimism Needed

June 25, 2018 8:16 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

After two bad years Cauvery Basin has seen a strong start this year on the back of an early Monsoon Onset over Peninsular India.  As a matter of fact the current year’s storage levels are the highest this decade for this time of the year.  At nearly 60 TMC the storage at Karnataka dams has already crossed 55% of the overall storage capacity.  The early monsoon surge has certainly helped the storage levels in Hemavathi Gorur dam which is inching close to 20 TMC. Yes the strong start has ensured the storage levels are the highest in many years which [Read More]