Dry Weather to Persist over Tamil Nadu

January 24, 2018 6:19 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

The ongoing dry spell in Tamil Nadu for the last fortnight or so is expected to persist with no major rainfall inducing synoptic conditions over the next few days.  Except for the one spell of rains which was fairly widespread over the Delta region before Pongal it has been pretty much dry weather since the turn of the new year. Despite January carrying a low average it is ironical we are seeing a below par start to the year with a deficit of about 61% for the Tamil Nadu & Puducherry sub division.  Numerical Models do not expect any major [Read More]

Winter Temperature Trends for Chennai

January 23, 2018 6:40 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

In the series of understanding long term temperature trends across various cities today we take up Chennai winter temperature trends.  Using the temperature data for the period 1980 to 2016 from the Observatory at Chennai Airport we have tried to infer if there is any learning which we need to take into account.  A couple of days back we did for Bengaluru where a clear indication appeared on possible long term warming of the city in particular to the Winter Months. In the days to come we will try to provide similar analysis for other major cities of the region [Read More]

Vanishing Bengaluru Winters?? – A COMK Analysis

January 21, 2018 10:16 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

Long term residents of Bengaluru often remark the winters are no more as cool as it used to be in the past.  In the same context people also say the Early Summer has been much more harsh than the good old days as well.  Is there any merit in this argument or could it be an urban myth. We have tried to find answers by doing a little bit of number crunching with the use of Max Temperature & Min. Temperature data for the IMD observatory in Bengaluru for the period 1980 to 2017.  Keeping in mind the unique weather [Read More]

Bengaluru / Hyderabad heading for coldest nights of the season

January 20, 2018 6:34 am COMK - Chennai Rains 0

The last few days have seen interior places of Peninsular India record well below night time minimum temperatures with places like Bengaluru seeing consistent decline in night time temperatures.  Last night saw Hyderabad also record fairly cold conditions along with Bengaluru with both possibly heading for coldest nights of the season today & tomorrow Numerical Models indicate similar trend to continue for the next couple of days at the least as parts of Karnataka & Telangana region could see night time temperatures dip nearly 4 degrees below normal over the weekend.  In particular North Karnataka and adjoining parts of Telangana [Read More]