Northeast Monsoon Vigorous over Coastal Tamil Nadu

October 31, 2017 4:39 am COMK - Chennai Rains 1023

After a nervous wait Northeast Monsoon has moved into a vigorous mode over Coastal Tamil Nadu under the influence of the evolving Trough of Low with associated Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation parked off Sri Lanka.  Many places in Tamil Nadu has recorded heavy rains with the bulk of the rains happening in Delta districts and around Chennai & surrounding areas. Many places in Chennai could end up recording more than 20 cms rains by the time 24 hours ends at 8:30 today morning. The Trough of Low with associated Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation continues to remain pretty much stationary off [Read More]

Active Northeast Monsoon Phase ahead for Tamil Nadu

October 30, 2017 5:00 am COMK - Chennai Rains 1402

An active phase of Northeast Monsoon has slowly started evolving as estimated by models.  After a weak onset last week the arrival of a “Trough of Low” at the familiar spot of “Off Sri Lanka” has started rolling the dice for rest of the pieces to fall in place.  Chennai and rest of Coastal Tamil Nadu started seeing intermittent showers since last evening with the increasing frequency and rainfall intensity. Today could be the start of active Northeast Monsoon conditions which is likely to ensure 2017 does not suffer the fate of 2016 despite suffering a similar “Ifs & Buts [Read More]

Conditions turn conducive for Rains in Chennai

October 29, 2017 6:52 am COMK - Chennai Rains 685

Even after the onset of Northeast Monsoon Rains in Chennai have been elusive, isolated, patchy making the citizens of the city twitchy with each passing day.  The past fortnight have been pretty much a dull and dry period for Chennai with both IMD observatories recording less than 5 cms cumulatively.  Though the city has been receiving scattered thunderstorms for the past couple of days they have been few and far in between. Things look set for a change soon with conditions turning conducive for rains in Chennai.  It is a question of when rather than if as the monsoon dynamics [Read More]

As Northeast Monsoon sets in, South TN to see an active day

October 28, 2017 6:04 am COMK - Chennai Rains 304

Yesterday IMD Chennai announced the onset of Northeast Monsoon 2017.  Keeping in the trend for the last couple of years this year also we  have seen a delayed onset instead of the usual onset date between 15th to 20th October.  Nevertheless one should not worry too much about onset dates as 2015 saw an excess year despite late onset while 2016 was a disaster once again with late onset. As we get to the last few days of October Northeast Monsoon is heading into its most critical phase when each day is crucial and the need of the hour is [Read More]