Kathiri Heat Wave Scorches North Tamil Nadu

May 19, 2017 6:53 am COMK 211

In what could be a watershed moment for the Kathiri Season in Tamil Nadu yesterday saw Chennai have its hottest day in 2017.  While the city observatory in Nungambakkam recorded 42.6°C, hottest day in May since 24th May 2014 the Airport Observatory in Meenambakkam scorched to 43.6°C the highest since May 31 2003 when it recorded 44.8°C.  Incidentally this day on 2003 saw the hottest temperature recorded ever for Chennai Nungambakkam a whopping 45°C. Yesterday’s temperature abnormality chart pretty much sums up the situation for Chennai with both observatories recording 6 degrees above normal confirming the heat wave conditions that [Read More]

No Respite from Heat for Tamil Nadu

May 18, 2017 6:36 am COMK 321

Tamil Nadu continues to be under the firm grip of Heat Wave conditions as IMD issued Heat Wave warning for 3rd Straight Day yesterday for Isolated Places in more than 20 districts.  Once again North Tamil Nadu bore the brunt of the unrelenting West / Northwesterly winds.  The early morning thunderstorms along the coast near Chennai that gave some passing spells of light rains to a few areas in the end did not matter as Airport ended up with a hotter day compared to Tuesday while City area notched up 3rd straight 40°C Things dont look any different today with [Read More]

Heat Wave Alert for North Tamil Nadu

May 17, 2017 5:43 am COMK 284

Intense Heat Wave Conditions have gripped large parts of Tamil Nadu with the Northern parts of the state suffering more under the relentless afternoon Sun.  While some places like Chennai had a marginal respite in the form of slight reduction of temperatures places like Tiruttani recorded 45.5°C in what is likely to be the first 45 degrees for a place in Tamil Nadu in many years.  Things dont look any better with numerical model outputs indicating strengthening Westerlies under the influence of the trough running along the East Coast of Peninsular India from Andhra Pradesh to South Coastal Tamil Nadu [Read More]

Near Heat Wave Conditions to Prevail over North Tamil Nadu

May 16, 2017 5:49 am COMK 159

While most of us were expecting the Heat to notch up a gear or two, yesterday the Summer heat over Tamil Nadu not just notched a couple of gears but went onto Overdrive as North Tamil Nadu & adjoining parts of Rayalaseema region sizzled under the relentless afternoon sun.  In a day which started almost a degree higher than the previous day by 9 in the morning saw Westerlies dominate right through leaving no chance for the moist sea breeze to give any respite. Tiruttani recorded a very high 44.5 while coastal areas in North TN like Chennai, Cuddalore, Pondicherry [Read More]