Blistering Start to the Week, Heatwave in India Continues

April 4, 2016 5:59 am COMK 223

While officially we are not yet on “Heatwave in India” no doubts the conditions are apt to be called of a continuing Heatwave in India as most of the country scorched yesterday.  18 places in the country recorded more than 43⁰C yesterday with Akola recording second straight day of temperatures in excess of 43⁰C.  Most of Maharashtra, MP, AP & Telengana are reeling under this spell of oppressive heat. Going by models it is unlikely the country is going to see any respite for the next few days as most days of the week is expected to see similar conditions persist [Read More]

Sizzling Sunday – Summer in India cranks up a gear

April 3, 2016 1:46 am COMK 177

Yesterday in a shape of things to come Summer in India scorched across most parts of the interior regions with many places in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra & Telengana recording day time temperatures in excess of 43 degrees while about 20 places across the country recorded more than 42 degrees as heat wave like conditions enveloped right through the country. In a repeat of the Scorching Saturday we are likely to see a Sizzling Sunday across the country as Summer in India cranks up a gear.  Most numerical models are expecting oppressive day time conditions to prevail over vast parts of [Read More]

Scorching Saturday Ahead, Hot Day in Tamil Nadu expected

April 2, 2016 6:02 am COMK 241

As we get ready for summer the phrase “Hot Day in Tamil Nadu” is set to become par for course more often than not.  Along with rest of Peninsular India, Tamil Nadu sees early summer with the temperatures increasing from April & peaking around May while most of North & Central India see peak summers while Peninsular India sees the onset of monsoon. In what is likely to be the first day of wide area heat wave like conditions almost the entire country today is expected to witness a Scorching Saturday.  Almost the entire interior regions except for the extreme [Read More]

Temperature in Tamil Nadu set to increase once again

April 1, 2016 6:41 am COMK 248

The last few days temperature in Tamil Nadu while being hot has not been oppressively hot in the interior places while coastal places were moderated by the Easterly winds keeping the temperature in check.  This was too good to last all the while as the wind patterns are expected to be shifted around slightly. In continuing with conditions similar to the last couple of days parts of Bangladesh & Northeast India are expected to see isolated thunderstorms hit the region with one or two places expected to receive fairly heavy showers in Eastern part of Bangladesh and adjoining parts of [Read More]