Isolated Rains in Kerala on the cards

February 9, 2016 6:28 am COMK 101

After two weeks of dry weather across Peninsular India today sees the prospect of Rains in Kerala creating possibly  February’s first rains for South India.  Though as things stand most other places of South India will continue to see dry weather. With winter easing slowly from South India most places of the region have started seeing warmer day time temperatures.  Yesterday saw Hanamkonda near Warangal record 37.6°C while Salem in Tamil Nadu has once again started to see temperatures higher than 34°C.  Similarly the nights have started to become warmer across Peninsular India.  Places in South Tamil Nadu have started [Read More]

People in Weather – Q& A with Anthony Sagliani

February 8, 2016 7:03 am COMK 92

A few weeks back we had started our People in Weather series by featuring Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls of AccuWeather.  The Q&A featuring Jason Nicholls is available in our Archives.  The idea behind the People in Weather series is to create a platform for the weather bloggers to ask Meteorologists questions on various weather intricacies.  Over time we hope to create an interactive platform for the bloggers to reach out to the meteorologists. Today we feature Anthony Sagliani Meteorologist & Scientist with Earth Networks. In the words of Anthony Sagliani a brief bio of him I am a meteorologist and [Read More]

Day time Weather in Chennai to remain moderate

February 7, 2016 8:23 am COMK 96

Yesterday saw weather in Chennai take a turn for the good with fairly pleasant weather right through the day under cloudy conditions. The whole of South India saw temperatures drop by 2 – 3°C right across the region bringing moderate conditions over most parts of Peninsular India Today is also expected to be fairly similar day though we could see a marginal increase in temperature compared to yesterday.  But overall partly cloudy conditions are expected to be seen today as well over most parts of the country.   Thanks to the embedded upper air circulation in North India, few parts [Read More]

Day time Weather in Tamil Nadu to Ease slightly

February 6, 2016 5:39 am COMK 159

The last week or so saw weather in Tamil Nadu get hotter with Chennai City Observatory recording its highest temperature of the year crossing 32°C for the first time.  Similarly Salem recorded 35.2°C a couple of days back crossing 35°C for the first time.  While it is not yet summer Peninsular India saw fairly higher than normal temperatures for a few days with quite a few places touching 37°C in parts of Andhra, Telengana & Karnataka. Things are expected to ease slightly with the day time temperatures showing a small dip over most parts of Peninsular India over the next [Read More]